Oktober 30, 2009


Little Rose grows purely around the jasmines,

Little Rose is brightly full of spirit, looking for the path where it makes it simply filled,

Growing amazingly perfect that turns up jealousy toward jasmines,

Thus, little Rose amuse every creatures though its thorns grow frightened them bad,

The Little Rose wills still innocence and well-raises,

Purely simple,

Purely adorable,

Purely independence,

Purely agreeable,

No pompous path in life,

Brings kindness, happiness, full with sincerity to nature

Until then, The Little Rose holds into its Root,

Surviving into the driest desserts,

Crawling across the mountains,

Sailing through the oceans,

The Rose wills faithfully holding on the Root


The wicked green flickers upon its dim fainted little Rose,

Destructing its thorns away,

Let the Root away,

But, the loyal Root is waiting for its Little Rose to revert,

Nature has the blues so does the Root,

Waiting in silence upon the universe

The Little Rose is no more thorn. Hence the flames have broken the Root of hers.

What They Mean to Me...

Having so many friends is easy to do, but having best friend is such a long way to go. I am the one who really appreciate the symbol of friendship. If you ask me what friend means to me? Well, I will say they have the important role in my life after the role of my family. Perhaps, I could say that they mean a lot to me. However, I have lots of friends, but I only have few, who I called them as ‘My Best Friends”. Best Friends have special place in my life. They are the first people who know what is going on with me when my family is not around. I trust them a lot. Best friends are they who never tired to hear my voice of happiness, sadness, hopeless, and other emotion in my own. My best friends much more understand me than myself. Unconsciously, they help me to learn from the mistakes I did. They teach me to be mature in facing each condition in this cruel life. I love my best friends more than I love myself. They are the spirit that always leads me to move forward and keep going on. They light me up by no dim at all. However, those people called best friends, they are not here, near to me, but they are far from me, we now seldom to communicate and see each other just only on the holiday. We have no common life again, and we survive by ourselves which then we hope by the time we meet, we will have reached our dreams that we are fought at this moment. We are girls with a thousand dreams, we are tough and rough, and we have one vision which is make our parents proud of us. We promise that we will keep up or communication well until we grow older then it’s such an everlasting promises among our friendship. Sometime, I miss them and want to see them. It’s not enough to communicate by only phone or texts. Anyway, they are the reason why I could be like this, try to be tough on my own. They are my truly best friends I’ve ever had. For those roles of them to me, I can say that best friends are really mean to me.

(This writing is dedicated to my best friends; Fika, Dyta, Mei-mei and Nadiyya, “I LOVE YOU,GUYS!” )

People with a Thousand of Faces

Yeah, they do! People are CAMOUFLAGING themselves, hiding all the ways they are and starting to pretend who they really are. Indeed, they are living in their hypocrisy. Why is it so? Obviously, everyday in our life we are unconsciously or even consciously forced to act perfectly, kindly, and try to have a good attitude to others. We somehow do something which is not based on our heart. We just do a favor in terms of keeping other’s feeling so that they will not hurting by our attitude thought sometimes it’s really contradicting with ourselves.

Then, we’ll find that people will start complaining and murmuring because of that condition. Anyway, who must be blamed in this case? I guess none of them because it seems has been being our custom to do so. Indonesian is practically too much platitudes. It’s knowledgeable that we still orientate to the east culture, which is stated as courteousness or ‘tata krama’. It’s okay to do so, but it doesn’t mean that you have to pretend and always following along to something that is exactly not proper or good for you. It’s democratic, isn’t it? You have FREEDOM of SPEECH! You could say something, everything and whatever things as long as you are right and you could convey your thoughts into good ways and not rude as well. You don’t have to use your ‘kind faces’ if your heart doesn’t say so. In other words, you don’t have to be hypocrite people. It’s so pathetic that most of people are living in the hypocrisy. Anyway, it’s time to TAKE AWAY OUR FAKED FACES and back to reality, baby! Feel FREE to SPEAK OUT your HEART!

Past Travelled in Sight

I was sitting on Portugal Gain,

where he used to spent his night,

where he used to sleep on the wood by fire lighting,

where he used to drink the white rum


I was watching over him at glance

He was like he was,

but, I didn’t see a faith of his anymore


it’s when all memories about him dropped by,

let this feeling flickering high

let minds of mine down with this sight


He was suddenly glowering at my glance,

Torturing ourselves on hypocrisy

Seemed like we both moved backwards through the sight,

hoping for uncertainty, wishing for our own hypothesis,

thought we both were no more alone.

Ask ourselves…

Do the moonlight still exist in the winter?

Do the lily pond land will always warm like it was?

We just tried to fill up the north within no more south

Pretending the downpour never comes

When will this drama ends?

When will we take down our mask?

We never know....

We still easy to look, so hard to define.



That’s the way I live my life so far.

I don’t wanna’ think about something deeply thought somehow it always be,

But I try to let it away, let it go, and keep moving forward

Thinking just makes everything stays the same


I’m sick of people who keep hoping or predicting,

I’m sick of people who keep thinking about tomorrow,

I’m sick of people who keep complaining about life and how the way they live,

You know nothing about future…

Why do people keep dreaming if it’s just a mirage and within reach,


Yesterday was only histories to make new histories,

Today is yours then you have to make it amazing,

Tomorrow is a blurred stuff to achieve, mystery of unpredictable one,

So, why you have to make your life complicated?


Just let it be,

Just keep moving on,

Never looking backwards

Started and ended smoothly in simplicity


This is how I fill the fullest,

This is how I fill the emptiness,

And this is how I love my life,

It’s mine, yours, ours and theirs,





That’s how I create the world of mine

Let’s pour the lily pond, again…again…again,

Obviously simply handy ways.

Three Days of Silence

It started on Wednesday, the day of the blue feeling occupied

The darkness settled upon my fainted heart

I was flickering zombie

His words last night was just like a sword

Suddenly killed my hopes

Totally killed the soul that never dim or overcast lately

Just like a slap, torn away the fort of mine

I assured myself

‘I am okay’

But, again it’s hard to say everything was alright

Pretending, was just a kind of self-trap for me

I was filled with tears…

Loneliness welcomed me again

He kept no sign

He seemed not really care and care-less

Were I just belong to you in happiness?

Were I just belong to you, when world was just like a heaven?

Were I just belong to you, when the winter was just like spring?

Were I...

Look at me…

Tell me…

What should I do?

I never learn how to be yours; I never learn how to love,

As I know, I was still trying to be the best for you,

I didn’t mean anything, and I asked nothing from you…

As I know, I was staying, hope you could always smile around...

Then, forgive me…

If everything I had made was such a silly thing and still a childlike…

I’m definite person who couldn’t successfully make you happy…

Forgive me for the three days of silence…

I wish I could fill the lily pond again and made a stream on it…

Thanks for everything you’ve made to me…