September 09, 2010

My Rock and Roll (better DON'T READ it!)

I don't mean to be liberal or something, but somehow I just enjoy letting my minds grow little bit 'naughty' about how my life should be,
well, it doesn't mean I am wild, bitchy or something called 'out of track'.
NOPE! Not at all...
it just fantastic when you could see something from other different perspective, something that out of mainstream, something out of the box...Hmm, but wait a second, again I wanna tell you that it doesn't mean I move out from my box, okay?

This is another one....
Don't judge me for something well that you are not really sure what is it about?
you just know me from the surface...hell yeah you don't know me after all..
Don't catch me from the-so-called 'in-my-opinion' or 'as-I-know-about'...
wow, go ahead judging...I don't really care...I don't but yes YOU DO, right? Simply sorry I am not in #sigh#

Just gimme a space...
as long as I don't bother your own business, please don't give your shit of mine.
I don't mean to be sarcastic or what, I just need a space...hear what I said SPACE!
I don't ask you for money, house, or other luxuries stuffs...I just need a SPACE.

Hey this is my FUCKIN' LIFE, man!
You are not in because you will never know how 'FANTASTIC'' my life is, whoaaa yeah desperately 'FANTASTIC' you know,
poor, you don't even know what does 'FANTASTIC' really feel? is it full of ROCK, full of LAUGH or it is only about MISERY. Nobody knows coz' you never know.