Agustus 25, 2010

You just need water and pillow

something that you cannot tell is just blowing up on your head

something that makes you stuck on the place you are not belong to

something that hard to explain, yeah something on your heart that they never know about

you need someone to lift you up to keep you safe

maybe you are too tired passing through life and thought

or maybe you just need to forget and forgive

or something more than just a word of 'pursuit of happyness' like Will says in his movie

you screamin', you cryin', you blamin' inside

you are too afraid to show those insanities

or you are pretending and covering up

no one knows, no one will, and they don't

you just need a glass of water and pillow.

Sandy Seeds of Sandy Land

We started our faith through words of unlimited space,
We gradually moved through the touch of our own sentences screen,
We were so into the discourse of us,
You were talking about ‘little goddess’, him as the thinker, myth, witty or wise, or even beliefs or disbeliefs—those cost you a lot of your own simple straight track
Me was more about definitely graceful words of figurative world and its old-stuffs-world-histories—those made me deadly sick of being logically logic like yours (nay, it was bloody so cool, I mean it!)
Connected well, somehow not really, that how we passed through the drought season…
Me looked pale and was hesitate, somehow sick of the fate, but there you go, pushed me on the faith and threw me to the framework of logical box to stay on…
Sometime it was bloody hell yeah hard to pass, but somehow it was easy while you were always there convincing me that those ‘little goddess’ truly existed around us….

Time passed us by without a simple scale of (re) solving or (re)meditating,
We have travelled along the sandy dessert hand-by-hand,
We have sung wonderful songs to the wasteland so he could give us more than a silly promising-fate like they usually uttered as a lie,
We have lived the drought through the wet, and it was tears of ours, and it was sweat of ours, and it breathed us to keep giving back and on…

And yes we both have travelled across the universe these twelve simple months for some good-reasons, for some good-aims, for some good-confessions, for some good-surrenders, for some good-life, and yes it is for some good-heritage of humankind…

We come to love and be loved,
For the time we never know when it ends.

This is the seeds that should be poured by faith and trust til’ someday it will grow as sturdy plants of happiness and kindness.

P.S: No gift for this blessing day for two of us, but there is only a plate of wishes and prays for this blessing time. May God will always give His blessing for the next level of our life—it may be harder than before, but no matter how rough it will be, God will always with us for some good reasons for our BEST life. Happy blessing belated time of ours, dear :)