Desember 20, 2012

Letter from Earth

Dear Folks,

Recently,  you realized one thing that you are standing all alone while life is getting so much harder. You've been crying for so many times, been feeling insecure for all ages and been suffering a lot for what you are going through. You know that they will judge you such "too exaggerate simple things", "complaining a lot". Well, you don't mean to exaggerate, but this is what you actually feel and they're supposed to (have) experience(d) the same thing as yours. Let's just say it's a transition time. Time when you are in line between your dream and reality, between your life and others, between your luck and destiny. Sometimes, you found yourself trapped in between and could never help yourself to go out. It's just that you don't know whose dream you are pursuing? Is it yours?

I am afraid of wasting my time for something that I am not supposed to do, yet there's always lesson I got for the thing such "something that I am not supposed to do". I mean, you may wish for grasping the Earth with your own two hands, yet the Earth is unreachable. Then, you start to think about grasping a half of it, yet it's still unreachable. Eventually, you decide to giving up the Earth and moving on to the small planet which promise you better life than Earth has, yet it's not what you really want. You are staying for the sake of your fear of failure caused by your previous efforts.

Does it seem unfair for yourself? You know what you want, but you are just too afraid of getting out. You wish you could have a better life in that planet while you know it's not. You earn something, but get nothing.
It's time to ask yourself what your dream really is. You may hear words of others telling you what you are supposed to do, underestimating, mocking, making fun of your dreams, but who the hell cares with them. This is your life. You control it and you are the creator of your own destiny. Why bother thinking of someone else's thought. You know what you have to do and you are ready for the risks you will bear. Success cannot be instantly achieved. Neither is gifted nor granted. It sacrifices life, time, energy, and even blood. 

Free yourself from mind and fear slavery! Reach your dreams even they seem impossible. The impossible is only for the unbeliever!

A dream catcher