Oktober 23, 2012


So, I am done with concert stuff.

Sometime, I found myself working more like and event organizer rather than secretary to the ambassador, yet it's fun and challenging!

It was only one week preparation for the concert: designing the invitation, printing, distributing both electronically and non-electronically invitations, organizing sound system engineer, dealing with venue manager, guests listing, going to the airport to pick up the band, organizing their accommodation and at the same time working on office administrative tasks (clerk), visa (good or us during that week we had less applicants) and arranging the seats formation for the concert. I am glad that everything was set in time!

I can say that the concert is successfully commenced. We had more than 150 guests and everyone had a great time!

I am so excited and do really LOVE my job! :*
Hopefully, I can always give my best and contribute more to Embassy! ;)