Februari 28, 2013

One of the untold story

Welcome March!

There were tons untold stories last month which I might not share with you. How life seems unpredictable and full of surprises. It was started last week when I was finally accepted to become Ambassador's secretary for Korean Mission to ASEAN. I was glad that I would step out to my new job and ready to experience more things there. However, I decided not to take the job for some reasons which I will not share here. Basically, everything is so promising there and I should not be worried about my financial issues. They offer incredible salary. I mean it! Big "BUT" is still I am unable to accept the job. Perhaps, one of the reason is that my current job gives me more challenging experiences and allows me to meet many new and important people. Well, I need more time to learn back here before starting my new experience to another job in the future. Honestly, I feel regret for my decision, yet it may be a sign of the universe. Maybe.