Maret 04, 2014

"All those fairy tales are full of shit" (Maaron 5)

Just like fairy tales, the Prince came to safe an ordinary life of a girl, took her to a great palace, got married and lived happily ever after. What a cliche story! (Yet, I'm still dreaming that my life would end up just exactly similar to those fairy tales) Wait! I know that's not gonna happen! Those fairy tales are kind of joke to me now.

Well, congratulations for those whose life is as beautiful as the life of the Princess in such happy-ending stories and Be TOUGH for those who are not. I am talking to myself anyway.

I don't mean to be ungrateful, but I am a bit concern of my future, I mean what's gonna happen with my life after the wedding knowing how tiresome and hard we have been fighting for all these love drama. I come to realize that I am so damn stubborn, selfish and inflexible in some circumstances, yet it happens with (a) reason(s) which I don't need to address what it's all about.

We're close to marriage! I am supposed to be happy, aren't I? I have dreams of having a small world where I, my future husband and my children would start creating a history, holding each others' hands when we fall, having each others' backs when the outside world becomes mean and cruel and just growing up with the ones we love. Am I that selfish to dream about those things? I don't need a big luxurious palace to live in, nor abundant gold, nor a magic wagon to take me to the sky.  I need only a simple happy family where everyone can learn how to be grateful and thankful for God's grace and could share the love we have.

Yet, I'd rather keep my dreams away from my reach because that's not gonna happen in my case, darling. I'm gonna live in someone's life and devote myself to it, and it scares me to death.

I keep telling myself not to let reality bring me down, but it's not easy I would say.

We want it, but sometimes life offers us with no option.

So, Maroon 5 is right about 'All those fairy tales are full of shit".