Oktober 30, 2009

Past Travelled in Sight

I was sitting on Portugal Gain,

where he used to spent his night,

where he used to sleep on the wood by fire lighting,

where he used to drink the white rum


I was watching over him at glance

He was like he was,

but, I didn’t see a faith of his anymore


it’s when all memories about him dropped by,

let this feeling flickering high

let minds of mine down with this sight


He was suddenly glowering at my glance,

Torturing ourselves on hypocrisy

Seemed like we both moved backwards through the sight,

hoping for uncertainty, wishing for our own hypothesis,

thought we both were no more alone.

Ask ourselves…

Do the moonlight still exist in the winter?

Do the lily pond land will always warm like it was?

We just tried to fill up the north within no more south

Pretending the downpour never comes

When will this drama ends?

When will we take down our mask?

We never know....

We still easy to look, so hard to define.