Januari 28, 2010

Blue January (what a gloomy month)

The first start of this blessing year,
I was began with boundaries that stiff me inside the dark circle,
counting the days to normal life,
waiting for the amazing miracle of happiness among us,
love we share, love we need were almost destructed,
Universe is still amazing for its man, but not for me, for you, for us,
Emptiness brought our selfishness to the front,
I myself could not feel the relieve, all stuffs were stuck in one side, that I couldn't explain,
it's all about what our heart said, but we never gave any pure admission toward our heart,
we were growing too selfish and too self-centered without giving some kind aura to our heart,
while your heart spoke at once your mind called logic stated and shouted on your head about wicked way

to solve these madness,
We just went around the line, and it was sometimes getting harder,
I hated it lot! Did we ploy of the bastard demon?
Being hurtin and broken fed my life, and so did your life,
I guess, stop...
I want to end and close this January with purity,
Stop arguing and hurt one another!
Let's being one unity and giving our love affectionate like we always did.

Hell yeah, I can't not say it was good yet it's true my January is blue.

**Let's start new wave on the new month-Hope the better one will do, for you, for me, and for us**